Thursday, July 28, 2011



As many of you know I have been writing about the current DOUBLE DIP RECESSION we have here in Washington State. However, the new unemployment June numbers are a MAJOR DISASTER. 627,384 people are now out of work in this state! That is an increase of about 11,000 over May.

The U3 number in Seattle/Everett is now 9.1% which is the percent of the workforce collecting unemployment benefits in this region. In Snohomish County that number is 10.1% and in Pierce County it is 10%. To give you an idea of the calamity 281,144 people in this state are currently collecting unemployment benefits, scheduled to run out for more than 100,000 of these folks next month.

I have been involved with employment matters as an executive recruiter for more than 40 years in Washington and I have never seen anything like this DISASTER.

You are never going to read any of this with the local media who are lying or mostly brain dead. There is pain and suffering going on all over the state with a lot of folks who are defaulting on their mortgages or their credit cards. Things are bleak and you will never read or hear about it in the Seattle Times or KING, KOMO, or KIRO TV! They all love the pathological liar in the White House.

On the housing front RealtyTrac is now reporting that 30,010 homes have been foreclosed on in our state and the banks and lenders have begun dumping these properties on the market at values that are having a major impact ON YOU: $199,000 per short sale! In King County one in every 400 homes were foreclosed on June and in Snohomish County one in every 350 homes were doomed.

In case you don’t know how that affects you; try this: go to this website, put in you address and look at how your property values have dropped and how UNDER WATER YOU ARE.

I want to impart a message to ALL Republican candidates running for office this and next year: THERE IS ONLY ONE ISSUE AND THAT IS JOBS AND THE ECONOMY. You can scream and yell about the mentally ill maniac in the White House, but you miss the point.