Thursday, February 24, 2011

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INFLATION HERE? ‘Ya Sure, You Betcha’ as they say in Ballard; famous for its bitters and that awful Lutefisk! It’s here folks and as reported first by an Omaha World-Herald on the price of corn, then Bloomberg and Yahoo news made it official: Obama Inflation is here and it will soon get out of control. Take a look at the price of a loaf of bread in the store. Coming next on the inflation list will be corn, beef, poultry, pork and COTTON CLOTHING, shoes and anything made of rubber. You read it first here! Here is another take on the problem. Finally, this morning the FOX Business Network is reporting gasoline prices at $5 a gallon in downtown LA! All thanks to Jimmy Obama Carter for this oil/gas price surge.

UNEMPLOYMENT? As many of you who read my blogs know by now, the unemployment numbers you read in the Seattle Times and from the Washington State Department of Labor are distortions! Here is a real look, nationally of what is really going on: Gallup finds real unemployment at about 20%. On that front job seekers are objecting to signs on employer’s web sites telling them that the unemployed need not apply. A very serious problem even though it is understandable. Would you hire someone who has been unemployed for extended periods of time? Too make matters worse look at the US Department of Labor report on NEW filings for unemployment benefits during the last week.

REVOLT IN POWER COMPANIES? Duke power had been one of Obama’s lap dogs with regard to the global warming fraud, but directors and others are rebelling. Read this.

SEATTLE CITY ATTORNEY GONE NUTS? He wants to legalize illegal drugs in the city. Why bother? Armed drug dealers line the major street corners downtown selling meth, crack and pot. City cops say they can do nothing because they need probable cause. Really? Maybe the Seattle City Attorney should spend time combating Seattle’s national ranking as the number one city for CHILD PROSTITUTION!

REAL ESTATE DOUBLE DIP? Yes! Seattle has just been hit hard with major foreclosures. Those who own condos and homes in the city are losing money because the values are dropping as a result of the many homes on the market because of defaults and foreclosures. Here is a statewide look; all according to RealyTrac.

My point here is clear: we are in a double dip recession and it is getting worse. The January unemployment report for the State of Washington will be out on March First and the February numbers come out on 3/15 with this new rule from the Washington State Department of Labor:

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics, seeking more uniformity in how the states report their labor statistics, will no longer allow Employment Security to release preliminary county-level data on the same day as the state data. Because the Seattle Metro Division employment numbers are generated the same time as the state numbers (meaning King and Snohomish Counties), they will be released with no delay.”

If anyone out there understands what this BS means please contact me right away.

GLOBAL WARMING SCARES A MAJOR LIE AND SCAM! In a new report, all of those warmests and UN lunatics can now go to jail for perpetuation of a fraud! It is all a confidence swindle, you read it first HERE!
And here is the complete report for public consumption.

WASHINGTON STATE COMMUNITY BANKS AT RISK? I am hearing that there are a number of banks in the state on the “at risk” list at the FDIC. Here is the national new item.

EDITORIAL: The University of Washington, a long time black hole for taxpayer dollars, is now about to commit to spending at least 250 million dollars they don’t have to rebuild a stadium that is falling apart. The result will be boxes and covered seats for the rich and no more cheap student seats! The problem: What if the renovation does a major cost overrun? Why are the idiots at the U Dub not simply bulldozing down the 90 year old stadium and moving their play to Qwest Field? They need the land and this would be a boon to cutting down on parking problems, provide the U Dub with land to build more classrooms and parking and if you are part of the climate change lunacy: MASSIVE REDUCTION IN GREEN HOUSE GASES! Fans can ride buses and light rails to the game! Make sense? No, not to the morons at the U Dub, here is the story.

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